SGBUSCHARTER.COM regards the safety of our passengers as the top priority at all times. We are committed to continuing the increasing and significant expense involved in all safety management procedures including the drug & alcohol testing of all drivers, operations, fleet & workshop staff. 

Singapore Bus Charter is committed to sparing no cost or effort when it comes to safety. We have established and will continue to implement what we believe are the highest safety management systems to maintain our pristine reputation. There are many factors that contribute to making us safe and reliable. These included;

Drug & Alcohol Testing

All drivers, operational, fleet, workshop & engineering staff are tested for the presence of drug and alcohol tests prior to commencing employment with SGBUSCHARTER.COM
All staff is subject to random drug & alcohol testing conducted by a third-party mobile laboratory which arrives at the depots & offices unannounced.

Accredited & Insured

The operation of all SGBUSCHARTER services falls within the requirements of the Singapore Land Transport Authority Transport Regulations and Accreditation for the safe management of drivers and vehicles within Singapore.
We are accredited in terms of the law governing passenger transport in each state and have public liability insurance for all vehicles. Our preferred partners must comply with SG Bus Charter operating procedures and provide a copy of their public liability insurance, worker’s compensation & accreditation before we engage their services.

Policy Manuals maintain written policy manuals to help maintain our safety record. These manuals contain safety policies on drug and alcohol programs, driver training and monitoring programs, fleet maintenance, fatigue and health, employment practices and more.

Driver Compliance Regulations

SG Bus Charter Transport Coach Buses, take the law and customer safety very seriously. We work diligently to ensure vehicles and drivers operate well within the limits prescribed by law. We also ensure that our vehicles are inspected daily before departing from the depot to ensure safe operation and meet federal and state regulations.

Risk Assessment Policy

Operator – The operation of all SG Bus Charter services falls within the requirements of Transport Regulations for Safety Management within Singapore nationwide.


All vehicles operated by SG Bus Charter are roadworthy and meet the Government’s standards. As well as being subjected to daily checks, all vehicles undergo bi-annual mechanical inspections by Roads & Traffic Authorities and Motor Vehicle Examiners. Vehicles comply with all Government safety.


Drivers employed by Sg Bus Charter are suitably licensed by roads and traffic authorities and are holders of authority to drive Public Passenger Vehicles issued by the government. Driver Authorities attest that drivers have been subjected to checks to confirm that they are of good repute and in all other respects fit and proper persons with sufficient responsibility and aptitude to drive Public Passenger Vehicles.